About PDR, Phisique du Role

Brand Philosophy

The Concept

“Maybe if I were a doctor’s or a scholar’s daughter, my collection would be rather different, perhaps minimal, neuter, strict and undeviating. Instead, I was born inside chaos, and I see myself as the typical “Made in Carpi” product: my city is a historical producing site of knitwear, where children are still brought up among wool wire spools, fabric clippings, embroideries, trimmings and unmatching buttons.”

Phisique du Role is the outcome of this background, history and tradition coupled with imagination and why not, a pinch of madness.

The Style

The knitwear is made with wool yarns mixed with unexepected jacquards. Sporty styles are made with apparel fabrics, silk bath robes with liberty prints, colourful viscose marocaines and long lace cardigans.

An explosive cocktail, colourful but also black.
Soft, but intermingled with technical neoprene fabrics.
Wooly, but coupled with sheepskin.

Give this all a big shake, and you get one collection of pieces that are original, but also easy, layerable and interchangeable, and that one can interpret according to the day’s humour and why not, for a special occasion.

And isn’t this important?


A special attention is given to a balanced colour mixture, and to the use of valuable and eco-friendly fabrics. The brand is environmentally sustainable with regenerated wool, eco-sheepskin and eco-furs without forgetting our “sensitive t-shirt” with our beloved testimonial dogs.

Good taste is not simply the “little black dress” it’s daring to mix and match.

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