Porto Rotondo , full summer.
Massimo and Marcello are on holiday on their boat.
In that moment there is a strong desire for comfortable and cool clothes, different from the usual bermuda made with chino fabric they normally use; this will generate the idea that will characterise their new business, a total look completely made wIth jersey, cool, light and in a natural fibre.
Their union will give birth to a modern and tasteful idea of fashion.
A one-way kind of aesthetics, with a desire for an androgynous style, in the alternation and fusion of their idea of beauty.
During the years they will be the designers of celebrities from entertainment and cinema, and thus the shirts with the writing “we have the most beautiful customers in the world” will be born.
Their love, passion and care about animals takes them to create their sensitive t-shirts, inspired by their puppet Baby. Le t-shirt vengono usate come strumento di comunicazione, dalla tutela degli animali in difficoltà al biglietto per l’invito ad un party.


Alessandra and Marco of the old mood they kept the idea of comfortable fashion, excellent quality and unisex spirit.
“I really love the androgynous taste, the brand was founded by two men who loved art, history and travel.
The taste in fact is practical but modern and, above all, durable. Da questo amore per i viaggi Phisique du Role trae un’importante ispirazione, ad esempio nei volumi giapponesi coniugati a stampe liberty, tutto mixato dall’hand made carpigiano, che non va dimenticato ma fa parte del mio background e di cui sono molto orgogliosa. Carpi is still an important hothouse of ideas and innovations not only for knitwear, but also for washes, dyes and tailoring.”