Phisique du role Philosophy

Fashion is changeable, it passes through the years and transforms itself, like people, it gets richer and then changes and changes again.

Phisique du rôle is like this, it is thus something changeable, something fluid.

I myself am a “changeable” person, not in the sense of being moody, but a person who draws inspiration from the outside, who makes “new things” her own, who sees what surrounds her in a different light OR WHAT I COULDN’T “SEE” BEFORE….

Even the mood board at the beginning of a new season is well-defined, a picture, a set of colours, but then it develops, it’s like a children growing up , at the beginning they like to play some games but when they grow up obviously not. But they are still that person, with the same name and their own DNA.

So how do you convey this idea of the unique, the collection, while maintaining its identity?

By changing points of view. By leaving free will.

Can I expect a jacket to be matched exactly with a pair of trousers and a shirt? Of course not.

So it’s settled. Just a string of photos with the same styling, the same location, the same model etc. will be enough.

Photographers and not photographers, models and not models, defined looks and undefined ones, places and not places.

This is the novelty, the absolute protagonist captured in different moments, places, and on various protagonists.

The collection told through different eyes, each one under its own light and always IT, the collection itself, at the centre.

Alessandra Bellelli