Collection Ss 22 Phisique du role – Preview

Every thing, every detail is a source of inspiration, the geometry of the tiles, the stripes of the canvas of the deckchairs, the leaves of the magnolias. The collection is the set of all that next to wrong polka dots, madras and squares, from the most English to the one inspired by a kitchen towel, or the picnic placemat, striped towels or even terrycloth check to lie in the sun.

The colors are the blue of the sea, the mint or strawberry of a popsicle, the red of Campari, nice and frosty. Everything is freshness. The milder spring tones are waiting to accompany us into summer, which is an explosion of colors.


by Stef Steffany

Ericeira e’ stata la mia casa per un lungo periodo, non e’ solo un paese di surfisti ma e’molto di piu’ vibrante e piena di colori con culture diverse e luoghi inaspettati da scoprire. With this collection I was inspired by the contact with the people of the village, the color palette in tune with the colors of the village and its narrow streets, but also the time that transforms and changes, often veiled. Its fast changing becomes a backdrop for dreamy atmospheres.


by Giuseppe Vaccaro

Giuseppe Vaccaro, born in Sicily, Milanese by adoption After obtaining a degree in communication, he decides to embark on a journey between fashion, photography and art. For Giuseppe, the magic of photography goes beyond opinions, images can be truth and lead everyone to other worlds. His approach is natural and neutral, keeping a focus on reportage and attention to color as the backbone of all his work.

Giardino Garibaldi

È il ficus del giardino Garibaldi, situato in Piazza Marina, nel cuore di Palermo. Una mutazione verso forme giganti che sembra favorita dal clima del capoluogo siciliano dove l’orto universitario ospita circa seimila specie.

Palermo A Palermo il sud eplode negli occhi, affonda nei battiti e ti scorre sottopelle. (Fabrizio Caramagna).


Ballarò Mercato Ballarò è uno dei mercatini più antichi di Palermo, uno dei più vivaci e sicuramente pittoreschi della Sicilia.

Palermo mi sembrò una città al contempo splendida e decadente, il cui aspetto un po’ in rovina mi affascinò moltissimo. Ebbi l’impressione di una città molto diversa dalle altre città italiane, con una sua identità molto particolare e una bellezza tutta sua. (Daniel Pennac).

Qui c’è soltanto primavera ed estate. (Richard Wagner).

I Quattro Canti è il nome più conosciuto con cui viene chiamata la piazza che storicamente unisce le due principali vie di Palermo: via Maqueda e il Càssaro (Via Vittorio Emanuele), l’antica via di origine fenicia che collegava la città al mare, a pochi passi da piazza Pretoria.

Chi ha visto una volta il cielo di Palermo non potrà mai più dimenticarlo. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).


Driven by the Ocean

di Stef Steffany

The ocean and Portuguese light are my inspiration for this shooting where the PDR winter collection played pivotal storytelling made of warm colors and textures, in perfect harmony with the natural elements of the Portuguese oceanside. My style made of dynamic, contrasted, imperfect, and blurred details has found the perfect expression in all of these elements mixed together.

Phisique du role Philosophy

Fashion is changeable, it passes through the years and transforms itself, like people, it gets richer and then changes and changes again.

Phisique du rôle is like this, it is thus something changeable, something fluid.

I myself am a “changeable” person, not in the sense of being moody, but a person who draws inspiration from the outside, who makes “new things” her own, who sees what surrounds her in a different light OR WHAT I COULDN’T “SEE” BEFORE….

Even the mood board at the beginning of a new season is well-defined, a picture, a set of colours, but then it develops, it’s like a children growing up , at the beginning they like to play some games but when they grow up obviously not. But they are still that person, with the same name and their own DNA.

So how do you convey this idea of the unique, the collection, while maintaining its identity?

By changing points of view. By leaving free will.

Can I expect a jacket to be matched exactly with a pair of trousers and a shirt? Of course not.

So it’s settled. Just a string of photos with the same styling, the same location, the same model etc. will be enough.

Photographers and not photographers, models and not models, defined looks and undefined ones, places and not places.

This is the novelty, the absolute protagonist captured in different moments, places, and on various protagonists.

The collection told through different eyes, each one under its own light and always IT, the collection itself, at the centre.

Alessandra Bellelli

The discreet charm of Bourgeoisie

by Antonio Vecchi Studio Folk!

Antonio Vecchi is originally from Reggio Emilia. In his early twenties, he decided to travel worldwide, and spent some years living, studying and working in Finland, Japan and Holland. Then he came back, graduated and worked as a creative artist for many advertising agencies and as an assistant manager entrusted with communication for big fashion brands. After a while he decided to open his own studio and started working as a film director and photographer for various fashion brands and companies. He lives now in Zürich and his activity is based mainly in Milan. Working for PDR means being able to experiment, create images with total creative freedom with an amazing team.





by Luana Rigolli

I had never taken fashion photos, at least not until a few months ago.

Then one day, thanks to Phisique du Role, I started with the help of Erika Cavallini. I was given carte blanche and I decided to exploit this freedom to the full, even choosing a location that suited  my style. Can we speak about  freedom if we don’t exploit it to the full? And so I found myself in the Aeolian Islands, a constellation of small volcanic islands : they’re exactly  the type of island I like, and strictly out of season.

Small lava paradises where you can still feel the energy that comes straight from the centre of the earth, and that comes out in all its force taking on different forms, such as hot springs or magma.

I chose Stromboli for the black colour of its lava, and Lipari for the red and white colour of its pumice and kaolin quarries.

I was free to create, and so I gave vent to my freedom by choosing to play the part of the model myself, so as not to bind myself to anyone else, but only to my own inspiration. I was a photographer, a model and also a researcher, up and down the islands in search of locations. I collected elements on the ground, such as pieces of plants, abandoned objects, to include them in my shots. I let myself be inspired by the places I immersed myself in, pretending to be part of the landscape, wearing Phisique du Role garments.

The Aeolian Islands make up a wonderful archipelago: each island is different from the others, it has its own character and personality. I went in search of both like a vagabond, savouring their energy and finding new vitality.

Luana Rigolli @luanarigolli

From the website

I was born in Piacenza, Italy, in 1983. Now I live in Rome.

I studied Civil Engineering, but at the end of it I realized that I would prefer to tell what was around me, rather than to modify it with works of engineering. So I started to photograph stories with a particular focus on historical research and the interaction of man and landscape. 

I am a founding member of the “Dieci x Dieci Contemporary Photography Festival” that is held since 2015 in Gonzaga (Italy). In 2017 I’ve studied photojournalism at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence with Collettivo Terraproject.